Connecting Communities is our Specialty

We specialize in connecting communities of all sizes with high speed Internet access.  From the smallest duplexes, to high rise buildings with hundreds of rooms - we can bring your community affordable, reliable Internet access..  With quality Internet, your residents can add choose a variety of TV and video providers, such as Netflix, Hulu,  DirectTV Now, Sling TV and more!

Does your complex have limited Internet options?  Direct Wireless Web can add service at nearly any kind of apartments, condos, mobile home parks or neighborhoods.   We can install Internet access for just a few units  - or the whole building.  We can bill tenants directly, or have bulk billing - the choice is yours.

The Reality of Bulk TV Plans

Today’s residents are no longer happy with bulk TV plans.  A one-size-fits-all approach to TV at your property is the 1990’s solution to providing TV service.  In today’s world, residents are turning off basic cable TV and using Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services far more often than in the past and you’re just wasting money on services people don’t use.  

Why not give your residents what they want?  Bulk Internet Service from Direct Wireless Web gives your residents the freedom to choose their TV provider, their phone provider and have dozens of options available – without locking them into contracts.  As our primary services are Internet, we have no need sell TV services ourselves – but we do have several TV options available for sale.

The latest Live TV technology runs over the Internet – with prices ranging from $20 and up and can be bought directly by the resident, most of them have free trials available to test which one they like the most.  Many new Smart TV’s already have exactly what you need to get connected, right out of the box, or an inexpensive device such as Fire TV, Roku TV or other device can be used.  Many residents already have these kinds of devices – so there’s no cable boxes required. All they need to do is connect their device to the Wi-Fi and they’re ready to go.

In addition, we can setup an optional building-wide free-to-air antenna connection and get free TV over your existing coaxial cable – over 40 channels in the Daytona Beach area and is always the local channels.   That way – you get basic TV AND bulk Internet for one price.

This service gives your residents the options they want – at Direct Wireless Web, we call it “Unbundle your Entertainment”.

Want to learn more?  Give us a call or visit us on the web – we can give your residents awesome service they will be happy with.

Flexible Service Installation Options

We can provide service many ways in the building.

  • Shared Wi-Fi Internet – great for hotels, motels or vacation rental condos.
  • Private Per-Room/Unit Internet – great for apartments, condos and other places where people live long-term.  Each unit is assigned their own Network, just like any other standard Internet.
  • Mixed Shared / Private – For buildings with a mixture of both, we can provide both kinds of service in a building.

For people who want to use printers and other devices that require a plug in Ethernet adapter, we have inexpensive adapters that allow those devices to work great in the Private Internet setup.

Benefits of Hybrid Wireless Fiber

One major benefit to service with Direct Wireless Web is the time to install service – instead of waiting months for the local cable and phone companies to bury fiber optic cable, we can have a high speed dedicated wireless link to your property going in a much shorter time.  Our system is hybrid wireless fiber– wireless to your building, fiber to the Internet from our towers.  Our Internet services come from the same companies that provide fiber to the cell towers – so our service is highly reliable and well protected.