Is your business ready for the latest cybersecurity threats?

Every day, businesses across the country are attacked by many different threats.  Some of them are benign - but many are dangerous - costing unprepared businesses tens of thousands of dollars - large businesses in some cases even millions of dollars.

The threats are real - here's just a few common ones we see every day:

  • Ransomware - Malware that encrypts your files using unbreakable encryption - and the ransom for even a chance to get your files back can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
  • Remote Access Trojans - Malware that allows hackers to access your files, camera and anything else on your computer.
  • Data Theft Malware - Malware that scans your files for passwords, employee names, bank accounts and more that are designed to steal your identity, or the identity of your customers.

These 3 examples are just the tip of the iceberg - there's many more types of malware.  All of them are devastating to your business.  From the simplest concept that your employees could have their identities stolen from files stored on your computers, to your own customers getting their data stolen.  Even worse, your business's proprietary secrets are targets for the malware as well.  Your accounting, taxes and books could be encrypted - which means the only recourse is to restore them from a backup.  Did you remember to backup your files?  When was the last time your backup was verified if it's working correctly?

How can I protect my business?

Our goal is to ensure malware such as this doesn't affect your computers - and more importantly, even if something does make it through - that you have system level backups to ensure your data loss and down time is minimal.

Even if you have backups, it may not be enough - some of the most sophisticated ransomware waits until you've backed up your data to your external before it either erases your backups, or infects the files that are backed up.  Our cloud backup solutions ensure that your data is protected not just off site, but also protected by a layer of security the malware cannot attack directly.

A managed IT services solution from Direct Wireless Web is the best way of protecting your business from these kind of threats - giving you the peace of mind that your business is protected.

Employee Training is important

With our managed IT solutions, we can bundle the ever important employee training that your business needs to keep your staff informed of the various ways that cybersecurity is important for your business.   We offer a number of cybersecurity tools such as:

  • Online video based training
  • Password security training
  • Post-training Employee Testing
  • Track which employees have taken the training and tests
  • Cybersecurity Manuals
  • Cybersecurity Policies

These tools are included in several our of managed IT service plans.

Next Steps

Contact us today and find out how we can help minimize these threats and protect yourself, employees and customers from these kinds of attacks.


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