Do you have a disaster recovery plan for your business?

Natural disasters threaten your business every year

As a Florida business, your property is subject to hurricanes, floods, tornado's, and lightning every year.  For that, you carry insurance - which protects your property.  But is your continuity of business protected?  Do you have a plan in case your computers are damaged, your Internet is down, or your property is completely destroyed?

Insurance is only one layer of protection

Insurance can replace broken computers, repair buildings, and even offer payment for loss of business - but what happens to your business when your data is gone?  Insurance can't replace your data - the only way to do that is to be prepared.  Every year, your business pays thousands of dollars in insurance premiums to ensure your property is protected, you should be ensuring your data is protected as well.

Solutions for your Business

Data Backup

Direct Wireless Web is proud to offer cloud backup solutions which offer onsite backup storage plus offsite cloud based backups.  Your files are protected from access by encryption and password protection - so they're safe on the cloud.

Backup Internet

Sometimes your business isn't damaged by the hurricanes, but your Internet connection is offline for weeks at a time after the hurricane.  That can mean you're out of business until the Internet comes back online.  Without being able to process credit cards, access the Internet, can your business continue to operate?

Direct Wireless Web offers backup Internet solutions from both our fixed wireless network as well as our cellular based backup routers which are ready to go 24/7 if your services are down.

Phone Lines

Do your phone lines come from the cable or phone company?  Did you know when your cable or Internet connection is down, your phones stop working?  Direct Wireless Web offers Internet based phone service, which means your business phones can continue to run from a backup Internet connection - or even from another location entirely, such as a warehouse, your home or a temporary office.  Your phones can follow you wherever you may need to do in case of an emergency.

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With a solution from Direct Wireless Web, your business  can continue to run no matter what kind of disaster may affect it - giving you the peace of mind that your business data is protected and a plan for continuity of services is in place in case any scenario happens.

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