Your business deserves the best quality Internet, Phone and IT Services.

We specialize in providing PROACTIVE IT services for your business.

Our focus is on keeping your systems running 100% of the time.

It starts with enterprise grade Internet and Phone Services. Our network is built and fed from the highest quality carriers available.

Next, we offer Managed IT services -

  • Proactive maintenance and monitoring of your PC's health to make sure it's working in top condition.
  • Backups ensure your PC is protected against the latest malware threats.
  • Cloud hosted email and web services for your business.

Finally, we offer help desk and remote services so assistance with your PC, mobile devices and more is right at your fingertips.


Technology is the key to your business productivity

We also understand that technology is the lifeblood of a business, and our goals are to help you incorporate technology, digital marketing and more into your business so that you have a complete solution.   We offer complete cloud migrations and the latest Office 365 and G Suite products to take your business into the 21st century.  With complete integration, your business will be smoother and more productive than ever.

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Internet Services

We offer a variety of solutions for businesses of any size.  We have our own fixed wireless network serving the Daytona Beach area.  In addition, if you're outside of our standard service area, we have cellular backup Internet solutions so that your network will stay online even if your primary Internet connection fails.

We also offer carrier grade fiber optic services, if your business is absolutely dependent on the fastest, highest quality Internet available - we offer dedicated fiber optic Internet to thousands of locations across Florida on our partner fiber networks.



Phone Services

Our phone services range from single telephone lines all the way to complete multi-location phone networks.  Our phone services are hosted in over a dozen data centers in the US and Canada - making your phone service highly reliable and top quality

We offer cloud PBX and on-premises PBX systems.

Digital services available include fax to email, voicemail to email and even SMS (text) to email - meaning your business phone number can now receive text messages from your clients, which come to your email box.  Messages can be responded to right from your email - and your customer receives it by text message.

Managed IT Services

Our managed IT services are designed for many different sized businesses - from our basic level services which include monitoring, backup and antivirus to our premium services which include Microsoft 365 Cloud, Email, Backup and more.

No matter how big or small your business is - we're here and ready to support you with the latest technology.  Tired of Windows Updates holding your computers hostage in the morning?  We can automatically schedule your updates so they only come on when you're not using the computer.